One Month Fantasy MMA Rules and Scoring

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One Month Fantasy MMA Rules and Scoring

Postby BrdrOkm69 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:18 pm

To move up a league: place in the top 3 in your own league, and also score more points than a bottom 3 member in the league above you.
To move down a league: place in the bottom 3 of your own league, and also score less points than a top 3 member in the league below you.
The winner of the A league earns the right to pick their own draft number in the following month's A league draft, as well as the most coveted trophy on all of MMALinker, the Gina.

The draft is a snake style, meaning the draft order is as follows for each round:
Round 1: 1-10
Round 2: 10-1
Round 3: 1-10
Round 4: 10-1

If you get banned during any point of the draft, you're out.

12 hours to make your pick after the guy before you makes his. You guys can check time stamps of posts to make sure 12 hours have gone by before skipping someone on your own. If any problems arise with skipping, PM me and I will post here to resolve whatever the issue is.

If you think you're going to miss a pick, or if you don't want to wait around for the Linker before you to make his pick, PM me a list of fighters you want to draft, in the order you'd want them. If your turn rolls around and you aren't online, I'll make the pick for you to keep the draft rolling. If neither of us are online, PMing me your pick before your deadline will reserve that fighter for you, so they can't be picked by the next Linker.

If you miss one pick, you get skipped, but can make 2 picks in the next round. If you miss two picks (doesn't matter if they're sequential or not), you have to wait til the end to pick from the leftover fighters. If you miss all of your picks, you're a fuckface and are not to be trusted, but you can still have some leftovers.

If you're the first or last person in a draft, and have two picks to make in a row, you get 12 hours for each pick. For example, if you miss the 12 hour window for your first pick, you have 12 more hours to make your second pick, plus the additional replacement pick. You don't get extra time to make a replacement pick, and have to make it within the 12 hour window the next time it's your turn to pick.

If one of your fighters pulls out of a fight due to injury or other reasons, you can pick a replacement fighter from the undrafted fighters list at the end of the draft. If you draft a fighter and their opponent pulls out, but your pick remains on a card in the same month, you're stuck with them regardless of who they're fighting.

Once the draft has finished completely, members will be able to trade their picks with those of other members. There is no trading out one of your fighters for an undrafted one. The trade deadline is the start of the first event; no trades will be allowed after the first event has officially started. No trading fighters across leagues!

(T)KO/Sub= 10
MD= 6
SD= 3
Technical Decision= 2
DQ win= 1
Finish Round Bonus:
Finished in 1st= 3
2nd= 2
3rd-5th= 1

(T)KO/Sub= -8
UD= -6
MD= -4
SD= -2
Technical Decision= -2
DQ= -1
Round Finished:
1st = -3
2nd= -2
3rd-5th= -1

Draw= 1 for both fighters
NC= 0 for both fighters

Win a Title Fight= 5

A tie score at the end of the month won't mean much, unless moving up or down a league is on the line. In the event of a tie, the first three tiebreaker criteria are:

1. Fighters' record (if your fighters have a record of 3-1 and your opponent has fighters with a record of 2-2, you win the tiebreaker).
2. Number of finishes (if your fighters finished more than your opponent's fighters, you win the tiebreaker).
3. Fastest finishes (whoever's fighters secured the fastest finishes overall wins the tiebreaker).

If there's still somehow a tie after going through the first three criteria... we'll have to think of something else :-?
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