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Dan Henderson: Retirement Close?

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At 42 years of age, it’s evident that Dan Henderson lacks the physical explosiveness that he once had. Heading into what could be his final fight this Saturday, against Rashad Evans, he’s going to need to find a former version of himself that possesses that “pop”. Could retirement be closer than planned for Dan Henderson?

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His opponent, Rashad Evans, is going to be about as explosive and fast as they come, so it’ll be unlikely that Dan can just rely on his trustworthy right hand. If you watched his last fight against Machida, you could tell that Henderson’s gameplan revolved entirely around him being able to land his overhand right. That type of one-dimensional game planning will not get you anywhere in the MMA world, it’s been all but proven that fighters with well-rounded skillsets are the ones that are able to find success.

While Henderson has a plethora of wrestling credentials, you wouldn’t be able to tell it by watching him. A career full of injuries has riddled his weathered body and nearly exhausted his explosive nature. Henderson’s wrestling isn’t really all what it used to be anymore. In his “Fight of the Year” performance against Shogun Rua, it was Rua who landed more takedowns and exhausted Henderson. Even in his latest appearance against Machida, it was Lyoto who scored the only takedowns in the fight.

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With a dwindled skill-set, the one-dimensional Dan Henderson will be in desperate need of some tenacity and adrenaline this Saturday night if he hopes to make it out in piece. Will Henderson’s heart carry him to victory? Or will the tired body be smoothly out-worked? Nevertheless, the 42 year old Dan Henderson may on his final days as a competitor.

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