Is it just me or are black guys taking over the sport ????

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Is it just me or are black guys taking over the sport ????

Postby kicker » Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:10 pm

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Postby iamgomi2 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:17 pm

ok, i didnt want to reply to this ... but....

naturally african americans are the "bronze" of the human race ( refering to the brain n bronze)

they come from laboris backgrounds forcing them to use thier body for work

they build up athleticism running from cops, chasing down ho's and fighting for food.

white/ asian.. other naturally smaller races have to use thier brain to servive

now this is just statistics.

hers more statistic...

basketball was a predominitaly white dominated sport in the 50s and 60;s
now its 90% black

football. 90% black

baseball. 50% black, 50% mexican

hocky... 10 years ago... 3 black guys...

now.... 3 black guys...

but! one of them is playing for calgaryand is the caption who almost won the championship a few years back.

golf. black guy. mix with asian....

kimbo slice... black guy!!!

now u know where i am getting here?

the white man forced alll the *african-americans* to do all there heavy work. while they sit back and relax.

and genetics too... blck peopel are just mroe genetically gift...
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Postby razorblade42069 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:46 pm

the brothas do have great genetics and usually alot of speed, but there are alot of whites with great genetics and athleticism (St. Pierre comes to mind). Most elite fighters have either grown up either boxers or wrestlers, no fighter (maybe I'm wrong) has been trained in both at a world class level. I'm talking about focused training learning stand up & ground since the age of five.
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Postby jester8484 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:49 pm

ok ill chime in

i voted no,

i dont think "blacks" as its been put already are taking over anything.

I think that with the growth of the sport and more outlets to view the sport it simply makes more fighters visable. so we simply see more "blacks" because there are more ways to view the sport.

as for "blacks" as athletes

it is scientificly proven that there is a human genome more prominent is "some" african regions. this genome allows the muscular development to excede average human regeneration building larger stronger muscles.

this is why some "black" people have the ability to be very althetic with less effort then average people. and some "black" people are simply average.

on a side note there are similar "eastern asian" trends that suggest their metabolism is greater on average then the rest of the world. suggesting this is why they are smaller in size.
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Postby Sedalb » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:11 pm

I'm suprised that people would view this as an issue and why people are even talking about it. If the man can fight, they deserve to fight regardless of their colour.

Anyways, that's my short comment...
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Postby jester8484 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:15 pm

i agree with the previous statement, in actuallity it doesnt matter what race someone is.

Time magazine had an article about this issue found here: ... -1,00.html

by around page 4 or so it gets into basic anatomy explainign the advantages. heres an example:

Pioneering studies by Dr. Eleanor Metheny, who conducted careful anthropometric studies of American blacks 40 years ago, broadly outlined the differences between whites and blacks. Metheny found that, in general, blacks had longer legs relative to total body length and that lower legs were proportionately longer, while thighs were shorter but more muscular than those of whites. "In jumping, the longer leg is evidently an advantage," Dr. Metheny wrote, "since [he] could raise his leg higher. Applying the principle of the lever, the longer lower leg can develop greater velocity at the end and serves as a longer lever with which to push off the ground, thus increasing the distance over which the force can be applied." The same general rules, Metheny found, applied to blacks' arms: on the average, blacks' hands are larger than those of whites, their arms longer, and a short, heavily muscled upper arm propels a long lower arm. Once more, the combination of leverage and musculature favors blacks in throwing.

thers more but thats a sample.

honestly this issue doesnt matter.

comparing blacks and whites and west or east asians is like comparing automobile manufactures

ford chevy nissan gm

there are posatives and negatives to all.
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Postby ESCO303 » Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:27 pm

Caucarican Mexicafrican's are gonna be the wave of the future! :lol:
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Postby Smith » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:14 am

You're going to find people with crazy genetics in any race.
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Postby JRS3 » Thu Sep 27, 2007 10:54 am

It's just you.
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Postby reversal machine » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:06 pm

"white/ asian.. other naturally smaller races have to use thier brain to servive "

i thought this was funny. :roll:

as for taking over the sport....

i dont really understand the question.

are you saying that there are more "african american" champions and winners now and you see this as "taking over"

or what?

maybe you think they are taking over all the major mma companys the ufc, ifl...... whats next @@ !!! SUGE KNIGHT BEAT UP DANA WHITE AND TOOK HIS COMPANY SHARES!!! !
... :wink:

on another note , race seems like its always a tricky subject. id rather not talk to most people about. especially those not familar with general semantics.

i think its cool talk about history, genetics, neo-darwinism, socioeconomics, and whatever observations when talking of "races". including things like statistics, historical records, precentages, and that so-called "facts" in those opinions is cool. often it can be a better representation of a "true" model.

still, alot of times siding with any idea can be offensive and ignorant.
whatever. i hadnt noticed any trend or pattern ,of black people taking over the sport. but i guess i wasnt looking for that...

like most everything, this depends on your frame of reference.
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Postby reversal machine » Fri Sep 28, 2007 6:56 pm

is it just me or is chuck norris taking over the visible light spectrum?
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Postby BryanKerr » Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:44 pm

I didn't even want to comment on this topic but i thought i would say. "Most" everybody's top 3 list in the world is....

1. Fedor ... Rusian
2. St. Pierre... Canadian
3. B.J. Penn... ?? haha american/iunno?
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Postby ChillinD23 » Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:05 am

I just wanted to make a thread about there being too many threads for a particular topic. Although a bit convoluted, I wanted to ask all of the Jackson/ Griffin thread-haters why it's "BAD" to have a lot of similar threads about a topic. Obviously this is a huge issue and people want to talk, discuss, vent, what have you, with regard to the unexpected outcome of the fight. Alot of people are complaining how people are STILL talking about it although it's already been 5 days... oooooo who cares? I am sick of people always needing something to bitch about, for a while it was Kimbo, now it's the number of threads on a topic? This decision was beyond controversial and I think people should not be hating for other forum members feeling a need to express their feelings about hte matter
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Postby ansell » Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:08 am

Isnt this another one?
mmaisbetterthancorn wrote:KSW draws as many human being eyes aroung the globe than the UFC does for it's live free fights
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Postby zooyork » Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:36 am

honestly this is what happens when you leave it to the judges. Being a judge prob isnt easy.but if you finish fights then there wouldn't be all this controversey.
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