Magomed Idrisov

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Magomed Idrisov

Postby Mr Meow » Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:52 pm

This dude is a beast. Undefeated at 7-0

His debut was against Alexander Buentko who was 25-7 coming into the fight and is now 43-12 overall.

Idrisov won by tko in the second round despite being 0-0 and Buenteko being 25-7 at the time.

Magomed then beat the fuck out of some 0-1 dude who retired 0-2 after Magomed had his lunch and shagged his wife.

Idrisov then beat Vugar Kyarimov (8-3) Yuri Maia (15-3 10 ko wins) Max Coga (17-4) and Sergej Grecicho (25-9) back to back to back to back in order to secure a non title shot at M-1 featherweight champ Ivan Buchinger who was 31-4 going into that fight.

Magomed knocked Buchinger the fuck out so badly that he woke up and had ptsd flashbacks to when Mcgregor knocked him out cold as well.

So within the first 7 fights of his career, he has only beat 1 person with a shit record. The others are 8-3, 15-3, 17-4, 43-12, 25-9 and now 32-5

That is a pretty gnarly way for anyone to start their career, especially as a 0-0 going against a 25-7 fighter who you then knocked out cold and was home in time for cornflakes.

Magomed comes from a "beat your ass unconscious" background of martial arts and has a short, stocky but very athletic build. From the footage I have seen of him the dude is a very smart fighter. He is aggressive but is intelligently so, he does not just go out there swinging like a bum. His wrestling really looks on point too and his stocky build makes him even more difficult to take down.

His speed and power might be his two best attributes along with is killer instinct. When he gets someone hurt he knows how to jump in without being foolish but also looking to end the fight violently.

Magomed is fighting Herbert Burns next Saturday the 5th for ONE FC in Macao. Burns is a great grappler but I think he just becomes another W for Magomed.

Wins over a good striker (Maia) good submission artists (Sergej Grecicho) (Buentenko) as well as 2 well rounded UFC caliber fighters (Coga and Buchinger) really shows me that despite only have a 7 fight career so far Magomed is destined for some big things. Dude has incredible amounts of talent

Keep an eye on him and my bad for this offending you all and pissing you off. You anti-Semite Yugoslavian cockshinning dicksniffers. og kcuf flesruoy

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