Starting a new religion (Join Now)

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Starting a new religion (Join Now)

Postby DeceptaCon » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:50 pm

Give me your money or you are going to Hell to burn forevAevA? Yeah and another thing you can't smoke weed, let your wife suck your dick or put it in her ass. Also you cant have sex with your wives anymore, they have to fuck me first. I get first dibs you understand? I still need your money, dont ask me why? Matter of fact dont ask me shit anymore. From here on out I do the asking, fucking, smoking, drinking and spending while you sit on your thumbs and reflect. ................... :pointleft: sign here.

Post here if you want to join.

Watching Dune in HD, Patrick Stewart never gets old or ages.

Ker and I will be passing out literature in the Mall.
our bodies are full of paradites/demons, they gain control when you feed them sugars, pork, alcohol and porn. Marijiuana breaks the spell but slows down time and prohibits the wisdom that you gain from the pain of life that you endure while you consume said substsnces above. You must play the game, exercise the demons before you can be cleansed.
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