Who is the best panic wrestler in the UFC?

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P4P Panic MMA Wrestler

Johny Riggs
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Clay Guida
Chad Mendes
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Conor McGregor
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Re: Who is the best panic wrestler in the UFC?

Postby The Midnight Rider » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:48 pm

ebickmeyer wrote:
The Midnight Rider wrote:
Sure. Sure sure. Sure sure sure. Sure sure sure sure. Suuuure sure sure sure sure.

He is the only ufc fighter ever to hold two belts at once. The performances he had against Alvarez and Aldo were the two best ever.

He knocked out the ufc's most underrated fighter and champion

If not for the ref he would have knocked Floyd out in the next round

He sets records for pay per view sales on the regular.

He is bringing mixed martial arts to a segment of the population which would never know about it otherwise.

He knocked Paulie out in training and did not even brag about it. Here he was on the canvas afterwards


This has to be some kind of troll job. Seriously. Conor couldn't even put his hands up during that final round. His legs were gone and his punching power had diminished to pitter patter long before he was finished by floyd.

Paulie was out of shape and not in training condition. It was still impressive what Conor did to him I guess but Paulie looked completely gassed during the leaked sparring footage.

Oh and btw it was a pull down and not a ko or legitimate knock down.

I understand your view totally and I see why you are saying what you are saying. I do not understand why you are saying it but I understand that you are saying it.

However I do not understand what you said. I understand what you are saying but I do not understand what you said. I do not understand
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