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Morning Report: Chuck Liddell says he would’ve beaten Anderson Silva

Chuck Liddell seized the UFC light heavyweight strap on April 16, 2005, knocking out future Hall of Famer Randy Couture in little more than a few minutes. It was Liddell’s third consecutive UFC victory, all by KO or TKO, and between that time and late-2006, The Iceman defended his throne on four separate occasions, winning all four by, yes, KO or TKO. Liddell’s extraordinary run of light heavyweight dominance came at a time when the sport, still in its infancy on a national scale, needed it most. And while he stayed around just barely long enough to catch the tail-end of the eventual MMA boom, Liddell’s role throughout the process forever endeared him to fans as one of the greatest 205-pounders to ever compete. But in his heyday, how would Liddell have fared against the man many consider to be the greatest of all-time? I would beat him, Liddell told Fighters Only without skipping a beat when asked about his chances against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. I always said that I would. I have the advantage in weight and height, so it would be more likely that I would beat him, Liddell finished, adding. But Anderson is one of my favorite fighters. It should be noted that both men are listed at 6-foot-2, and Silva actually carries a slight reach advantage. But Liddell, who retired in mid-2010, months after Silva’s sixth successful title defense, has never been accused of lacking confidence, so his answer isn’t altogether surprising. Although The Iceman’s tone became a tad more dismissive when the topic turned to a hypothetical match-up between himself and a certain gangster from West Linn, Orgeon. [Chael] Sonnen has nothing to offer me. 7 MUST-READ STORIES Liddell on Silva. When asked how he would fare against Anderson Silva back in his heyday, UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell told Fighters Only that he’d defeat The Spider, noting his weight and height advantage. MMA Roundtable. My colleague Mike Chiappetta and I sit down to discuss the future of Velasquez-JDS, Glover or Gustafsson for Bones, and the moral complexities of forced retirement on this latest edition of the MMA Roundtable. Cholish continues crusade. In an interview with Bloody Elbow, recently retired lightweight John Cholish estimated that almost 90-percent of the UFC roster share his opinions on fighter pay but are afraid to speak out. It’s interesting when you look at an event that takes place over the weekend, and the reported salaries for the entire roster on that card, 24 fighters or so, can be covered alone with the in-gate ticket sales at the venue, Cholish said. That’s before you even get to the PPV, the licensing, the merchandising, the advertising and the contracted revenue with companies like FOX. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s pretty obscene when you look at the revenue that the UFC is taking in, compared to the portion that they’re giving back to the fighters. Mir vs. Barnett. It actually happened. The heavyweight fight everyone wanted to see, Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett, has been booked for UFC 164. Wrestling update. The International Olympic Committee Executive Board voted to recommend three sports to be shortlisted for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games: wrestling, baseball/softball and squash. Just one sport will ultimately make the cut, with a final vote scheduled for September in Buenos Aires, Argentina. FS1 broadcast team. Play-by-play man Jon Anik and color commentator Joe Rogan are expected to fill the broadcast booth in Boston for the UFC’s August 17th debut on FOX Sports 1. Daley rips Bellator. Welterweight slugger Paul Daley, who has only fought for Bellator once despite inking a multi-fight contract with the promotion in 2012, posted on Facebook a list of grievances he held against Bellator officials, including claims that the promotion impeded Daley from securing fights overseas while he awaits the resolution of his visa issues. MEDIA STEW If Anthony Pettis somehow knocks out Jose Aldo with a 540 kick, I think the internet might spontaneously combust. Speaking of Showtime, our old friend NickTheFace has a little treat for you guys. This is awesome. Eugene London lost his arm in a tragic farming accident when he was younger. Now he’s following in the steps of Nick Newell and inspiring others to follow their dreams, no matter what. Props to Harry Williams for the find. The Che Mills mini-documentary MTV UK has been hinting at for months finally hit the internet. Check it out and see what you think. Okay Tommy, you got me with that Forrest Griffin impersonation. DECISIONS, DECISIONS INDEED Just finished with the foot doctor, got a lot to contemplate today.. Decisions decisions ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 29, 2013 Jump into a training camp in three weeks or recover more @toby24salem: @jonnybones what are the options? ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 29, 2013 THIS ONE, I LIKE @bisping I know everybody is calling you out but I’m ranked #6and I have 5 wins in a row.can we make it h…

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