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Morning Report: Dana White defends UFC decision to rescind Pat Healy’s bonuses after positive marijuana test

There have been countless positive drug tests for marijuana in MMA since the year began, but none led to as polarizing of an outcome as Pat Healy’s failed test at UFC 159. In addition to having his career-altering win over Jim Miller overturned into a no contest, Healy lost at least $130,000 in post-fight UFC bonuses due to his mistake. The decision to rescind nearly 80-percent of Healy’s reported earnings sparked controversy across the MMA community, but at Thursday’s UFC 160 pre-fight scrum, UFC President Dana White vehemently defended the way in which the situation was handled. There are f–king rules, White said. Whether it’s TRT, didn’t get an exemption, whether it’s steroids, diuretics, whether it’s pain pills, there’s things that are banned substances. And whether you like it or not, marijuana is one of them. And somebody said, ”Ëœthey took 90-percent of his purse.’ We didn’t take f–king zero from his purse. We took 100-percent of the bonus that he wasn’t eligible for. An increasingly animated White went on to explain his point. It’s f–king illegal. You can’t do it, it’s a banned substance. Should it be? I don’t necessary think so. I don’t think it’s performance [enhancing], he declared, his voice rising. [But] it doesn’t give a s–t what I think! It doesn’t matter! It’s a banned substance. Every fighter knows that you go in, and you use marijuana, and you get caught, you’re busted. Now the commission’s going to come in — they took that fight away from him — and he’s going to get fined by the commission. He wasn’t eligible for that bonus. I know nobody likes Bryan Caraway, right? White continued. ”ËœBryan Caraway, they don’t like him. Boo, Bryan Caraway.’ Bryan Caraway followed the rules. He had a submission that night, and he followed the rules. He absolutely, 100-percent deserves that bonus. What would it say if I gave that kid $130,000 for testing positive for marijuana and the guy who followed the rules doesn’t get it?! How does that make sense? White followed by pointing out that the UFC is actively working to remove marijuana from the banned substances list, acknowledging that it has become a somewhat antiquated and overblown rule. Nonetheless, at least for the time being, it remains the rule, and fighters are expecting to follow it. There definitely a culture everywhere now. I would have to say, and this is just my opinion from where I grew up, more people are smoking weed now than ever in the history of, that I can remember, White said in closing. Nothing’s fair. Life isn’t fair. Smoke a bunch of weed at f–king work. See what happens to you. No matter where you work, I don’t care where you work. Alright? Unless you work at a place that’s selling weed, you’re going to get in big f–king trouble for smoking it. 6 MUST-READ STORIES Hunt doing just fine. UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt explained the meaning of his bleached blonde hair, agreed that he deserves a title shot if he wins over the weekend, and said that despite the many complications securing a visa to travel to America, he’s feeling just fine. Jacare’s next move. According to UFC President Dana White, a middleweight bout between former Strikeforce champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza and Yushin Okami will happen. No timetable has been set for the match-up. Leites is back. Former middleweight title challenger Thales Leites has re-signed with the UFC, according to a report from SporTV. The Brazilian grappling ace racked up a 6-1 record since exiting the UFC in 2009, finishing four of those victories via submission. Belfort could be next. Fresh off his dazzling victory over Luke Rockhold, the old lion, Vitor Belfort, could very well fight the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman, according to UFC President Dana White. White added that the location of Belfort’s next bout would not be influenced by Belfort’s use of testosterone replacement therapy. UFC 160 referee assignments. Veteran referee Mario Yamasaki will oversee the main event of UFC 160, which features a rematch between UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. Jones update. Asked about a timetable for Jon Jones’ return from toe injury, UFC President Dana White revealed: He says he feels great, the toe’s healing good, but the problem is that ligament. That ligament popped. Anytime you tear a ligament, blood flow helps repair the thing and heal, and you don’t get a lot of blood flow to the toe. Who knows? This thing could be six weeks, it could be six months. It’s a pain in the ass, man. Always some little, crazy thing. MEDIA STEW From Pat Healy’s penance and the new UFC gloves, to Vitor Belfort’s TRT and Bryan Caraway’s elbow, Dana White covered the entire MMA gamut in yesterday’s 52-minute pre-fight scrum. Also, for the folks that called White out on the whole 15 pull-ups thing: Bigfoot’s Racetrack Challenge sounds like a Mario Kart 64 track, right? I know I’m not crazy. Three reasons why ‘Bigfoot’ doesn’t stand a chance: Agree or disagree? A c…

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