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Morning Report: Dana White says B.J. Penn is ‘too tough for his own good,’ urges him to retire

Sometimes there’s those rare days when the news cycle stands still and the MMA world slows to a halt. And yes, yesterday was one of those days. So instead of babbling on about nothing, let’s take a quick look at a subject we only touched on briefly yesterday. B.J. Penn is 34 years old, a former two-division UFC champion, and a surefire Hall of Famer. Yet Penn holds only one win in his past six fights, and his past two losses have been disturbingly brutal, so really, it was only a matter of time. I want BJ Penn to retire, UFC President Dana White declared over the weekend. Dude, you’ve won belts in two different weight classes. You’re one of the greatest ever. You became a huge superstar. You have money. You have a beautiful family. But it’s hard, man. It’s hard to walk out of that. That arena’s packed, everybody’s screaming your name, you’re making tons of money. It’s hard to walk away from that — really hard to walk away from that. White made his feelings known about Penn less than an hour after another of the UFC’s old mainstays, Forrest Griffin, announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. Griffin’s exit was a bit surprising, but the TUF 1 winner carried with him 12 hard years of injuries, wars, and overall punishment, and had been knocked out five different times over the course of his career, the last few of which were quite violent. Penn, on the other hand, has yet to be truly knocked out once over the course of his 12-year career. Though according to White, that might not necessarily be a good thing. B.J. is too tough for his own good, White explained. B.J. might not be knocked out, but the shots B.J. took would’ve knocked out a normal human being. He’s had his head bounced off the canvas like a basketball by Matt Hughes, by Georges St-Pierre and then Rory (MacDonald) just did it to him. B.J. Penn has left that octagon looking like a f–king alien. He’s too tough for his own good. You don’t knock out B.J. Penn. B.J. Penn absorbs every amount of punishment you can give him. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken damage. He’s taken a lot of damage, and I don’t want to see him take anymore. Penn already retired once, so this talk is far from outlandish. White made it clear the decision to hang up his gloves a second time will be Penn’s alone to make, but it’s obvious at this point which way the UFC prefers to see this go. And with that, let’s get to some headlines. 4 MUST-READ STORIES The MMA Hour. Ariel Helwani and The MMA Hour return with another bursting at the seams lineup, featuring Matt Serra, Benson Henderson, Pat Healy, Mike Dolce, James Head, Cathal Pendred and’s own Dave Meltzer. Souza vs. Okami update. After UFC President Dana White told reporters that a bout between Yushin Okami and former Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza will happen, Souza accepted the match-up via his manager, adding that he’d like the fight to take place in four months. Henderson talks Grant, decisions. UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson is as sick of fighting in close decisions as you are of watching them. But unfortunately, opponents may be content to continue challenging him with a Frankie Edgar-style gameplan. Atchley banned. Controversial manager Brett Atchley has been banned from future Invicta FC events, according to Invicta FC CEO Shannon Knapp. Atchley recently came under fire for a series of threats and sexual misconduct allegations from female fighters. MEDIA STEW Go behind-the-scenes at UFC 160 with the latest edition of Backstage Pass. (Click to watch.) Finally Georges St-Pierre justifies his alien paranoia. Speaking of Georges St-Pierre, you probably should check out this latest fan-made trailer: Props to @DurenDiddy for the find. So how do we know this guy wasn’t really Nick or Nate in disguise? The people want answers! Rarely does the whole ‘stick your chin out and act like Nick Diaz’ thing work on the regional scene, but when it does — instant gold. (For the lazy, jump to 1:58.) (HT: MiddleEasy) Let’s exit with one more gem from the regional scene, just because. BACK IN THE STATES Never say no to a Russian when it’s time to eat ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 26, 2013 This has officially been a trip of a lifetime, getting the royal treatment ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 26, 2013 Definitely packed on about 5 pounds since I’ve been here”¦ ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 27, 2013 NYC today”¦ ”” Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) May 27, 2013 UFC CLIMBS EVEREST Congrats to Ruben Payan ”” world-class fitness trainer, mountain climber, and fan/friend of UFC, a former Marine… ”” UFC India (@UFCIndia) May 27, 2013 ONE OF THESE GUYS IS A LHW Legenden! ”” Alexander Gustafsson (@AlexTheMauler) May 25, 2013 SAD WEEKEND Hank The Bully Maynard – 3/2000 – 5/26/2013 Rest In Peace old friend…. Great times, great life,”¦ ”” Gray M…

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