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Morning Report: Nick Diaz calls it ‘crazy’ that Georges St-Pierre rejected an Anderson Silva superfight

Another hectic Monday blows by and we’re left to digest it all. If you checked out early, you missed a 24-hour span that saw Nick Diaz talk shop, Jon Jones have a baby, Chael Sonnen ruin some mystery man on Twitter, Las Vegas continue to doubt Vitor Belfort, and Matt Riddle announce that he smokes an eighth of an ounce of weed — every, single, day. So yeah, same old, same old. But in case you skipped any of it, not to worry. Your ol’ pal Shaun is here to help. With that said, let’s stop wasting daylight and get to it. 7 MUST-READ STORIES Rua vs. Nogueira II. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Shogun Rua and Pride veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira have verbally agreed to rematch their 2005 bout at a yet-to-be-announced UFC card in June, according to Brazilian outlet Tatame. Riddle suspicious of drug test. Former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle voiced suspicions regarding his recent failed drug test, before commentating on his future: What I see happening is, a year or two from now the UFC calls me back after I’ve won probably like five or six fights, hopefully. And I’ll probably, at the time, say, ”ËœNo.’ Because I really don’t like the direction they’re taking the company. They’re firing high-level talent so they can have lower level talent just scrap, and they’d rather have a brawl than a good technical fight. I think that’s going to be their downfall, because the fans are getting more educated. Rockhold favored over Belfort. Las Vegas oddsmakers have pinned Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold (-130) as a slight favorite over Vitor Belfort (-110) ahead of the pair’s UFC on FX 8 clash. The MMA hour. Ariel Helwani and The MMA Hour return to your life with another packed episode featuring Alexander Gustafsson, Demetrious Johnson, Matt Riddle, Marcus Brimage, actor Skylar Astin, and yours truly. Mills signs new deal. Recently released UFC welterweight Che Mills inked a five-fight contract with U.K. based promotion CAGE Warriors Fighting Championship. Gustafsson ready for Jones. After his upcoming bout against Gegard Mousasi, the generally reserved Alexander Gustafsson plans to grab the mic and challenge UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Said Gustafsson: No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more running. It’s time. UFC books Winnipeg event. According to Joe Ferraro of Canadian news outlet Sportsnet, the UFC is heading to Winnipeg’s MTS Centre on June 15th, 2013. Winnipeg will be the fifth Canadian city to stage a UFC event. MEDIA STEW I’ll tell you right now, I want to fight the No. 1 fighter in the world. I’ve always said that. I want to fight the No. 1 fighter. Georges never said that. That’s the only thing I’ve ever said negative about Georges, is that, if I were in his place, I would do more. I’d be asking for the Anderson Silva fight. I wouldn’t let that blow away. Like, that’s crazy. – NIck Diaz Speaking of Nick Diaz, we have a new frontrunner for Highlight of the Month. Wanderlei Silva: the only man that can save this meme. Real talk. How utterly bizarre is it that this special even exists? Props to Martin Vidal for the find. Tonight’s episode of TUF 17: Decorated grappler Jimmy Quinlan vs. Team Jones’ No. 1 pick, Clint Hester. Poor Jamie Klair, the unlucky man who got knocked out twice in a span of three seconds. (HT: MiddleEasy) Remember that fight Takanori Gomi won, but didn’t? Well, apparently he broke his hand early in first round. (Source.) SONNEN ON THE WARPATH Way to blow another story, fake journalist. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 Don’t ever let truth get in the way ofnipping at my heels, you rabid little dog. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 Don’t blame me for you being stupid and get all vindictive w/fake stories and slanted, biased garbage reporting. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 I’m not some IdiotMaker that poured hot babboon-crap into an idiot-mold and then you popped out when it cooled. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 That was God’s doing. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 God, AND Jesus. Took both of ’em to create the masterpiece of stupidity and uselessness that is YOU. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 Kinda like it needed Simon AND Garfunkel to make Bridge Over Troubled Water. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 You have no Journalism degree. You are a fraud, an opportunist, and a fool. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 And you’re not even a talented or imaginative FRAUD! At least guys like Gene Simmons PRETEND to play the bass once in awhile! ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 You are a coward, you are a failure, and you are a creep. I won’t pay your rent at the flophouse by stating your name and getting you hits. ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 Have you noticed how the GENUINE MMA Journalists treat you like a black tuxedo treats a pair of brown thrift-shop shoes? ”” chael sonnen (@sonnench) March 4, 2013 You aren’t fooling the REAL MMA Press, and you’re not fooling…

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