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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen’ Episode 9 ”” Complete Video & Recap

(Video courtesy of Hulu.)  Apologies in advance for dropping the ball on last week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Jones vs. Sonnen, which we completely forgot to recap for reasons that are not immediately obvious (if only we could get Danga to set down the bong for like thirty seconds…). Long story short: Chael Sonnen emerged victorious from a Coaches Challenge that involved stacking tires with excavators (?) and Team Jones’ Dylan Andrews secured a spot in the quarterfinals with a majority decision victory over Zak Cummings. For this week’s Wild Card matchup, Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel and Team Sonnen’s Kevin Casey were selected. To find out which fighter secured the final spot in the TUF 17 bracket, as well as the rest of last night’s highlights, join us after the jump. – In a final effort to make us sympathize with noted codpiece Bubba McDaniel, last night’s episode began with McDaniel telling us his I’m a poor little sad sack story about how he can’t see his daughter because he is too far in debt. I don’t know why I just downplayed a story as sad as that for laughs, and I apologize. God I’m dead inside…

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