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Top Ten Unsanctioned Fight Mismatches

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In the competitive world of combat, every now and then one fighter completely dominates his opponent. One warrior outclasses another so extensively it’s hard not to think why the loser even participated. This is what you call a mismatch. Mismatches are extremely dangerous because it in tales that one person has a slim chance of not losing, which in combat sports means, getting you a** whipped. This list countdowns the top ten unsanctioned fight mismatches. Let’s take a look…

#10– If you can make it past the entire beginning, at the end of the video there is a pretty bad one sided redneck beating, ”’Weiner”.

#9– More contemplating in the beginning, but after the delay one kid blasts the other with a series of right hands. Ouch…

#8- A point fighting taekwondo mismatch. The winner of this contest has some serious kicking skills!

#7- This is certainly a mismatch. One kid lands some serious shots while the other is continuously getting rocked.

#6- Talk about a beat down. This is actually what not to do when someone is rushing you with flurries of punches, is it me or was that poor guy having body twitches?

#5- This video defines the word mismatch. Once the fight hits the ground one man completely destroys a hopeless opponent.

#4- Talk about a mismatch. This one kid dominates the entire fight, then eventually puts his opponent to sleep with a standing rear naked choke.

#3- I’m not sure this kid should have decided to take part in this fight, especially after seeing the end result. Wow…

#2- This is a stand up mismatch. This man should have thought twice about striking with his opponent. Goodnight..

#1- The ultimate mismatch. A brutal beat down. Seven seconds of devastating chaos. Not for the faint of heart…


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