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UFC 161 Fight-Picking Contest: Win a Copy of ‘Enter the Dragon Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ on Blu-ray!

In 2008, we declared Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon to be the Greatest Fight Movie of All Time, and our opinion hasn’t changed much since then. Here’s what we wrote about it at the time: Perhaps the most perfect martial arts movie ever made. Bruce Lee infiltrates the secret island lair of an evil mastermind by way of entering his martial arts tournament. Not only does this film have all the prerequisite elements ”” faceless crowds of henchmen, evil dude with deadly hand attachments, philosophical digressions ”” it also features a cast that‘s a who‘s who of martial arts movies, including Black Belt Jones himself, Jim Kelly, as well as Bolo Yeung and Jackie Chan (uncredited). If the plot seems cliché, that‘s probably because it‘s been copied so much since then. Because it works. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1973 classic, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released a re-mastered Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Enter the Dragon, which includes three new featurettes, a ton of vintage documentary footage, and commentary by producer Paul M. Heller and writer Michael Allin, among other extras. And guess what? We’ve got two copies of the set to give away. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s fight-picking time. This Saturday, Rashad Evans and Dan Henderson are meeting in the three-round main event of UFC 161. All you have to do is tell us who will win and how. Your entry should look something like this…

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