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UFC on FUEL TV 7 Undercard Live Blog: Etim vs. Forte, Ogle vs. Grispi, More

This is the UFC on FUEL TV 7 undercard live blog for the Barao vs. McDonald event at Wembley Arena in London.There will be six fights on the undercard. Terry Etim vs. Renee Forte, Paul Sass vs. Danny Castillo, Andy Ogle vs. Josh Grispi, Tom Watson vs. Stanislav Nedkov, Vaughan Lee vs. Motonobu Tezuka, and Phil Harris vs. Ulysses Gomez will be featured on the prelims.Check out the UFC on FUEL TV 7 undercard live blog below. More Coverage: UFC on FUEL TV 7 Results | UFC newsDownload MMA Fighting iPhone App Phil Harris vs. Ulysses GomezRound 1: The referee in charge of the action is Neil Hall. Both fighters open orthodox. Good outside and inside leg kick from Gomez after the first minute. And then another. The bout is temporarily halted with an inadvertent groin kick. The ref cautions Gomez and the contest resumes. Another hard outside leg kick, but a follow up from Gomez allows Harris to catch the kick and pull him to the ground. Harris lets him up. Harris stalking, but not throwing or landing much. Gomez shoots in for a single, which he doesn’t get. Harris tries to counter with a trip, but Gomez whizzers hard. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 GomezRound 2: Gomez opens the frame again landing on Harris’ legs from the outside. Harris connects with a left hook and is stalking. More good leg kicks from Gomez, but Harris lands a right hand. Gomez connects with a hard outside leg kick, but he’s still backing up. Harris lands a right to the middle. And another and a right hand. Gomez attempts a single and is stuffed immediately. Attempted flying knee from Gomez, but Harris steps to the side to avoid it. Two hard leg kicks from Gomez to end the round. Very, very close round. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 GomezRound 3: Good left hand from Harris. Gomez attempts the takedown, but he’s stuffed against the cage fairly easily. Harris landing right straights to the body. Gomez lands another kick and Harris attempts to catch it, but really can’t. Harris landing to the body of Gomez, but nothing particularly hard. Gomez slips evading a caught kick from Harris, but stands back up. Good left from Harris after catching and then follows it with a right to the body and head. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Harris and the fight 29-28 Gomez Phil Harris def. Ulysses Gomez via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28Vaughan Lee vs. Motonobu TezukaRound 1: The referee in charge of the action is Leon Roberts. Both fighters open in southpaw stance. Lee opens the show with a hard inside leg kick. Tezuka pressing Lee into the fence, but doesn’t do much with it. Lee lands a couple of hooks charging in and Tezuka again pressing Lee into the fence for a takedown. The two do nothing in the clinch, so referee Roberts separates them. Tezuka, however, is back in on the single pressing into the cage. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 LeeRound 2: Tezuka grabs a single trying to go for deep half guard, but Lee is rolling through or staying on top. Tezuka tries to lock up a heel hook, but it doesn’t work. Lee escapes, but now Tezuka is pressing Lee into the fence with a double leg and gets it. Lee stands up with a whizzer and space left by Tezuka, but he’s still being pressed into the fence. They separate briefly, but again Tezuka is locked onto the single. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 TezukaRound 3: Tezuka in on a single, but so far no good. And now he abandons the effort and they’re back to striking temporarily only for Tezuka again to press Lee into the fence. Referee Leon Roberts separates them. Again, Tezuka is back on the single, just pressing Lee into the fence but they separate. Tezuka back to the single as Lee charges forward with punches. MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Lee and the fight 29-28 Lee Vaughan Lee def. Motonobu Tezuka via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27Tom Watson vs. Stanislav NedkovRound 1: Kevin Mulhall is the referee. Both fighters open orthodox. Watson and Nedkov clinch and the Brit is pressing Nedkov into the fence, trying to throw knees to the body. Hard elbow over the top from Watson and he’s back to throwing knees in the clinch. Another hard elbow and Watson is drilling Nedkov with knees over and over. They separate briefly only for Watson to re-initiate the clinch and go back to work. Watson bulls forward, but Nedkov gets Watson to the floor and nearly finishes him with hammerfists. He’s saved by the bell. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 NedkovRound 2: Watson tries his first round strategy, but Nedkov is all over him, battering him with strikes. Now he takes Nedkov to the floor. Watson trying to stand and after a few tries, he gets it. Still, Nedkov takes him back down, although Watson stands much easier this time. Body shots now from Watson. Big knee from Watson, but he eats a right hook. Now Watson is opening up on Nedkov with knees and elbows. Nedkov is starting to crumble. And just like that, he does. A few more shots from Watson and that’s it. The ref calls it. Tom Watson def. S…

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