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Vitor Belfort with high stakes this Saturday

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After returning to the UFC in 2009, Vitor Belfort has perhaps had one of the most successful career re-vamps in MMA history. Belfort seemed to have accomplished just about everything an MMA fighter could, but he was missing something; a UFC strap. Although he is a former UFC champion, that was in a completely different era. Now, he’s among the elite of the elite in the 185 and 205 lb divisions, and he’s still looking for that gold. This Saturday, Vitor Belfort will try to make it one step closer towards that middleweight crown.

Not many fighters possess the same ferociousness and explosive-nature at 36 years old as Vitor Belfort. He’s had one of the most fulfilling careers imaginable in MMA, and he’s still looking for more. He has a tricky test ahead of him in Luke Rockhold, who is also gunning for that same target as Vitor is. Rockhold will be making his UFC debut; being that he was the current Strikeforce champion, a win over Belfort could very easily put him in line for a title shot. Worse than that, Belfort will be set back once again. At 36 years old, and over 30 professional fights against the upper-echelon of the sport, Belfort is running out of time.

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While Belfort may be a very respected fighter, he’s not immune to controversy. With the recent information regarding Belfort’s TRT usage, Vitor has now brought on the aura surrounding the highly controversial practice. Belfort has had a record of using performance enhancers before, but with TRT still legal, Belfort has successfully found a way to increase his “fighting life”. 36 years old isn’t too bad when comparing Belfort to other pro fighters, but that’s not what makes him to be considered old. It’s the fact that Belfort has been through a lot; being involved in 4 UFC title fights, fighting in the UFC as early as 1996, battling top ranked fighters all through-out his career, and facing several injuries which have been coupled with surgeries. All of this added up makes Vitor Belfort a very old 36 year old man.

To make even more pressure for Vitor Belfort, a win over Rockhold may not even guarantee himself a title shot. With the recent rumors regarding super fights between Anderson Silva and either Georges St. Pierre, or Jon Jones circulating the air, Belfort may have to fight again. If this is Belfort’s last chance at a UFC title, it’s not going to be easy for him. Getting past a current champion in Luke Rockhold is tough enough, let alone the possible chance of being matched up against another top ranked fighter. The TRT may help Belfort from losing steam, but it’s not going to help slow down time. Belfort is coming in this Saturday with high stakes, and a lot on the line.

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